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The "New Home" Buyers Rebate Program offers

participating Buyers a rebate in an amount no less

than  TWO-THIRDS of commissions received by

Hoffman International Properties. ***



  • Hoffman International represents you
    as your Buyers Broker, and,

  • The cost of your ‘New Home’ is equal to, or
    greater than $200,000.00, and,

  • You are an active participant in the
    ‘New Home’ Buyers Rebate Program, and,

  • The builder/developer offers a 3%
    commission to the selling broker, and,

  • Rebates are permitted by your lender, and by law, then…

This example is based on a selling commission of 3%.

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Did you see an interesting resale while doing all that driving?

"New Home"
Buyers Rebate

Hoffman International Properties



* This Program is for new construction of homes, town homes, condos, condominium conversions, lofts, and in some cases custom homes;
purchased from a builder or developer in the state of Georgia; situated in the state of Georgia; not listed by HIP or HIP, Inc.; with Hoffman
International Properties, Atlanta, Georgia, acting as your Exclusive Buyers Broker. Any reference to "home" within the scope of the Rebate
Program will include but not be limited to this definition.

**The Rebate Program is based on a 3% commission to the selling broker (HIP), and a Qualified Purchase Price greater than $200,000.00.
The buyer will receive two-thirds of that commission – 2% of the Qualified Purchase Price. If the commission paid is greater than 3% the
buyer will receive two-thirds of the commission, up to a maximum of 3% of the Qualified Purchase Price. A possible 3% Buyer's Rebate!

Qualified Purchase Price simply means the actual price that the builder/seller uses to calculate the commission paid to HIP.

The Rebate is available only to the principals (Buyer's) in the transaction and will be based on the actual dollars received by HIP when your
purchase closes and is funded, ***less any referral fees. Rebate disclosure may be required to all parties to the transaction. Rebates are
legal in the State of Georgia.

Be sure to ask about rebates available for the purchase of pre-owned homes.

The HIP Atlanta "New Home" Rebate Program is subject to conditions, changes, limitations, exclusions, and/or discontinuation without notice.

The most straightforward rebate program available…Click here and start today!

Getting Started is easy…

1. The key to our Rebate Program is your active participation in choosing a new home - and we reward you for that.
    If you are currently in the market for a new home it is likely you have already taken the first steps. You have
    narrowed your search to a particular county or area. You are driving through new neighborhoods. You may even
    have a specific builder or sub-division in mind. If you haven't done so already, it is best to contact us now.

…NEVER hesitate to contact us!

2. Contact us by phone, email, or by using our no obligation Form. and we will review our rebate program with you.     When you learn just how much money you can save, along with the other benefits of having HIP Buyer Broker     representation, you will be ready for the next step. (If you need immediate assistance, call 770.643.9191.)

3. Enter into a Buyer Agency Agreement with us. Georgia law requires that an exclusive agency relationship be in
    writing. It is important to know that our agreement is CANCELABLE!  Of course, canceling an agreement that
    saves you thousands of dollars is not likely. But if that is your choice, you will only remain eligible for the rebate
    for properties you have already registered with us and/or the seller.

4. Pre-qualification by a lender is often required. This is easy, free, and non-binding.

…NEVER hesitate to contact us!

5. Inform any builders or agents you have contact with that HIP is your Buyer Agent, and immediately notify us.

6. Once you have decided on a home we will assist with your contract negotiations. If the sales office is located in
    the Atlanta area we will be happy to accompany you.
    We generally have the sales agent furnish us with a copy of their contract before the signing appointment to allow
    ample time to thoroughly review it with you. The sales contract must list HIP as the Selling Broker.
    A new home is probably one of the largest single purchases you will make, and the contract is a binding, legal
    document. We recommend that all Purchase and Sale Agreements be reviewed by a real estate attorney.

…NEVER hesitate to contact us!

7. After the contract is signed we will act as your liaison and help to insure that there is open communication between    you, the builder, the lender, and all other relative parties. Together, we will see your purchase through to closing.

…NEVER hesitate to contact us!

     …Use our builders links and our golf links to help locate available properties.

     …Use our counties links to learn more about a particular area.

     …Use our school links, if that is part of your decision making, and check rankings, test scores, and more.

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New concepts invite skepticism - there simply is no catch. This is the most straightforward home rebate available.
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