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Premier Golf communities in Atlanta You're on this page. Now that you have learned how to save 2% as a new home buyer in Atlanta, learn about all there is to do in this great city. Links to comprehensive data about Atlanta area schools. Information and overview of Atlanta by County. Locate many new sub-divisions from Atlanta builder's own websites, but DO NOT REGISTER without contacting us first. See prices, floor plans, site plans, and more. Can't find a builder?  Call us. Be informed. Who represents you?  Learn how to protect your own best interests. It's also the key to our 2% New Home Rebate.  There simply is none. Learn why it's so simple. Learn just how much you can save when you choose us as your Buyer Agent. Welcome to Hoffman International Properties - Todays Broker.


 Georgia became our 4th State in 1788

 Capital:  Atlanta

 State Population 2007: est 9,544,750

 Land area: 57,906 sq mi

        The Peach State;
        Empire State of the South

        Wisdom, justice and moderation

  Song     Georgia On My Mind

  Tree      Live Oak

  Flower   Cherokee Rose

  Bird       Brown Thrasher   

  Fish       Largemouth Bass

  Insect   Honeybee

  Gem       Quartz

  Vegetable…..Vidalia Onion...ymm!


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Marta - gatting around Atlanta


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The Smoking Gun
Have some fun - send someone you know a letter in another language...then send them the key to unlock it…or not!

Great translation tool...and it's free!

Type in a word or a sentence - write a letter!

Crossword puzzlers delight!

Translates entire websites!

10+ languages supported


For wannabee Webmasters...great basic info and more.

Pogo - Free! - incredible game site where you can win real $$$'s

Simply the best game site on the web!

Free to play - win real $$$'s, or join the Club and win double the pot!  (and then play Texas Hold 'Em)

Card games; word games; jigsaw puzzles; and so much more!

Play the computer, or play other gamers. - With advanced, subscription based services.

Okay, so now you're hooked on translation tools.  This  site also offers subscription based services.  Great for business and personal use. 


check out their Homework Center.

Browse a list of terms by clicking on the Pocket Dictionary, or Search for a specific term

Ever wonder what LOL, BTW, or FWIW means in internet chat?

There's a whole new language out there...this site will unlock the code!

Georgia Department of Transportation Real Time Traffic Reports
with maps, a traffic-cam, and more

Have you been trying to find out where all those FANTASTIC animations you get in emails come from?  Well look no further!

"America's Pediatricians"