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Brokers Responsibilities

THE FACTS…be an informed consumer .

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Client or Customer? 

In Real Estate, when dealing with an agent you are either a client
or a customer. A CLIENT is a party who has formed a brokerage relationship, usually in writing, and the Broker acts as their agent. Parties who do not have a specified brokerage relationship are CUSTOMERS.

Fiduciary Duties to the Client

When a Broker becomes your agent, and you their client/principal,
a FIDUCIARY RELATIONSHIP is established. Other more familiar examples of fiduciaries are trustees and attorney's. As a fiduciary,
the law mandates specific duties owed to you.

LOYALTY is the most fundamental fiduciary duty an agent owes
to their client. The Broker MUST, at all times, act solely in the best interests of their client, excluding all other interests.

(the on-site agent's fiduciary loyalty is to the builder)

Why Choose Us as your Buyers Broker? 

Think of it as the difference between a fine, privately owned restaurant, and a franchise. Just as the gourmet chef has far more latitude to create savory menus, we have the ability to cater to our clients with innovative programs and personalized attention.

We believe it's time for a more equitable change.
We are not limited by corporate directed restrictions.
We are a local, Georgia licensed, Brokerage Company.
We value your business and are always available for your questions.
Real experience - Real Service......No Coupons - No Vouchers.

Our services are at no cost to you because we are paid by the seller. We will be there for you, representing you, through closing and beyond should you need us.

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Ronnie answers the most frequently asked questions.
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The agents you contact from a sign, ad, builders website, or meet during a visit to an on-site office, represent the Seller/Builder. Their job is to get the highest and best price and terms for their client. 

Remember, “New Home Sales Consultant,” “New Home Counselor,”  or “Neighborhood Sales Associate,”  all mean the same thing…they must represent the best interests of the seller/builder. 

Anything you reveal to them MUST in turn be revealed by them to the builder. If you do call or visit a sales office, tell them you will be represented by a Buyer Agent, do not sign anything, and choose your agent immediately if you have not already done so.

“State law prohibits Broker from representing Buyer as a client without first entering into a written agreement with Buyer under O.C.G.A. 10-6A-1 et. seq.”

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