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Welcome to Hoffman International Properties, home of Todays Broker.
Learn just how much you can save when you choose us as your Buyer Agent.
 Be informed.  EVERY buyer should known who an agent represents. It's the key to our 2% new home rebate program.
Atlanta By County - learn more about locales that interest you by visiting the county websites.
Locate many new sub-divisions from Atlanta builder's own websites, but DO NOT REGISTER without contacting us first. See prices, floor plans, site plans, and more. Can't find a builder?  Call us.
Links to some of Atlanta's premier golf communities.
Link to sites that provide comprehensive data about Atlanta area schools. All grade levels.
Now that you are on your way to saving 2% as a new home buyer in Atlanta, learn about all there is to do in this great city.
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Our rebate offer is as simple as this:

When you choose to engage HIP as your Buyers Broker, a commission is paid to us by your builder. We share that commission with you in the form of a rebate AND represent you throughout the process.

Some buyers believe that if they go to the sales office without an agent, they can use that to negotiate a lower price. That is simply not true.

So, if you choose to deal directly with the sales office the commission disappears, right back into the builder's pocket. You are than relying on the on-site agent who MUST represent the builder's best interests by negotiating the highest and best price for their employer.

It's your decision, but at least now you have an choice.

You will be contacted within 24-hours. Please call us if you require immediate assistance or if you do not hear from us within that time. [forms do not work in all browsers]

Introducing yourself to us places you under no obligation. Any information you provide is confidential and will only be used as needed should we enter into a brokerage agreement. Access our Privacy policy below.

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The 'New Home' Buyers Rebate program is not intended to solicit prospective homebuyers who have a Buyer Agency Agreement with
another real estate agent.

Only clients of HIP, as described in the preceding pages, will be eligible for the rebate.

Hoffman International Properties

Tel: 770.643.9191


By submitting this form with your address and telephone number, you are
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Our 2% New Home Buyers Rebate Program will save you thousands of dollars!