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Welcome to Hoffman International Properties, home of Todays Broker.
 There simply is none. You decide how and when to use your cash rebate. Apply it to your purchase costs or take it as cash after the closing - it's up to you.
Be informed. Who represents you? Learn how to protect your own best interests. It's also the key to our 2% New Home Rebate.
Atlanta By County - learn more about locales that interest you.
Locate many new sub-divisions from Atlanta builder's own websites, but DO NOT REGISTER without contacting us first. See prices, floor plans, site plans, and more. Can't find a builder?  Call us.
Links to some of Atlanta's premier golf communities.
Link to sites that provide comprehensive data about Atlanta area schools. All grade levels.
Now that you are on your way to saving 2% as a new home buyer in Atlanta, learn about all there is to do in this great city.
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Contact us today. We will earn you trust, your business, and help you save 2% of the purchase price of your ‘New Home.’

Frequently Asked Questions*

  1. Do we have to buy a home from a list of builders you do business with to be eligible for the rebate?

    NO. We work with all developers and builders and do not have a preferred builder list.

  2. A local builder is advertising thousands of dollars in discounts, a free appliance package, and will even pay my closing costs. Don't I lose all of this if the builder has to pay you a commission?

    NO. The builders cannot pick and choose who qualifies for their advertised incentives. All buyers must be treated fairly and equally. You will receive any special deals they are offering in addition to the rebate. There are often times when we know about additional incentives that will save you even more money.

  3. Are there any extra fees you will charge us in addition to the commission the builder/seller pays you?

    NO. Our compensation comes from seller paid commissions and there are no hidden charges, or processing fees.

  4. Can you make my rebate check out to my mother?

    NO. Only the buyer(s) on the contract and HUD Settlement Statement can receive the rebate - but I'm sure your mother would be pleased to know you were thinking of her!

  5. Are all Real Estate companies licensed the same way?

    ALL brokerage companies in Georgia that engage in the sale of real estate must hold the same state issued Firm License; all Brokers hold the same state issued license; all sales associates hold the same state issued license. Each firm must have a Qualifying Broker who is responsible for the activities of all employees and licensees of that firm. All licensees must meet the same educational and continuing ed requirements and are held to the same strict rules and code of ethics of the Georgia Real Estate Commission and state and federal law.

  6. What if I lose my coupon?

    We do not use coupons or vouchers.

  7. Why do you emphasize that you are NOT an internet company?

    Because the nature of real estate is local it should not be driven by invisible agents, blind referrals, companies not even licensed in Georgia, or coupon deals with specific builders that may provide you with a small rebate at the end, but do not offer the level of support you deserve.

    "It's simply time for a change" means more than just offering you a great rebate. We also strive to provide you with incomparable service. Even though the builder is paying the commission, never lose sight of the fact that since that cost is already built into the price of a home you are absorbing that expense. Shouldn't you get the representation you are indirectly paying for?

  8. Another real estate agent told me that rebates are illegal, so how can you be doing this?

    The "other agent" is either not knowledgeable about his/her own industry or is being less than honest with you. REBATES ARE LEGAL IN GEORGIA and in most other states. Rebate is really just another way of saying, "Our prices are better!" Consumers are learning that they have choices and that there is no such thing as fixed commission rates - that is what's illegal. When you shop for a mortgage for your new home will you choose a bank that is offering rates that are 2% higher for the same type of loan?

    Here's the difference.    Choose One:

    (a) You buy a home using Traditional Agency XYZ. The seller/builder pays them a commission. You get a new home and a thank you for your business; or

    (b) You buy a home directly from the builder's sales staff, the builder pays them a commission AND gets to keep the commission he was prepared to pay to your Buyers Agent. You get a new home, and a thank you (for the thousands of dollars you saved the builder); or

    (c) You buy a home using a Hoffman International Properties as your Buyer Agent and the seller pays us a commission. You get a new home, a thank you from the builder, a big thank you from us, AND an unprecedented cash back rebate. You can use that rebate to reduce the price of your home, apply it to closing costs, or as cash to use however you decide.   (See Details)

  9. I don't understand how the person in the sale's office is not representing me when they will do everything from showing me the model to preparing the contract.

    Helping you and representing you are two entirely different things. The on-site agents work for the builder. They owe their loyalty to the builder. They must protect and promote the best interest of the builder. This means getting the highest and best price for the builder. This is very serious business controlled by both License Law and Civil Law.

    Licensees are required to tell you, in writing, who they represent. It's called Agency Disclosure and the foundation of this real estate law is to inform and protect consumers. But it's also all about timing, and GA Rule 520-1-06 defines when you have to be told as "at the time of or before any written offer," so the first time you hear about or see the required disclosure is usually when you sit down to sign the contract, after all your friendly little chats with the on-site agent.

    If you confide in the builder's agent by saying something like, “Don't tell the seller, but..,” or, “Just between us…,” they MUST reveal your true intentions to their employers. They cannot point out clauses in the contract that might not be in your best interest. They cannot suggest you might offer less or ask for more. They cannot do anything for you that would all be contrary to the legal obligations they owe the builder.

  10. When I call the phone number on a For Sale sign and the listing agent meets me, and shows me the property, aren't they working for me?

    NO. NO. NO. The same answer as above applies to sellers and their listing agents.

  11. Do you make up the difference in the lower commission you receive by getting referral fees from the mortgage companies, inspectors, etc?

    NO. I do not accept referral fees from any third party involved in your transaction. In most cases that is illegal, but even if were permitted I believe it would compromise my relationship with clients. Many big real estate companies and internet based firms have affiliated business arrangements (ABA's) with mortgage companies, title companies, home warranty companies, etc. Learn about RESPA Rules ( Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act ) and see how violations are handled.

  12. Why are you willing to work for so much less?

    Maintaining reasonable expenses actually results in a greater net profit available at the end of a deal. That enables me to offer rebates to my clients. Combine that with my belief that commissions are often just too high, anti-trust laws that protect my right to offer brokerage services at a better rate, and your right to have a choice, and it's a win-win relationship.

   *Readers are advised to seek the advice of an attorney if a legal interpretation of real estate law is needed.

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