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Our New Home Buyer Rebate could save you thousands on a home like this.

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Our 2% ‘New Home’ Buyers Rebate Program will save you thousands of dollars.

Links to some of Atlanta's premier golf communities. First learn all about our new home rebate program - then don't miss this page! Now that you are on your way to saving 2% as a new home buyer in Atlanta, learn about all there is to do in this great city… Link to sites that provide comprehensive data about Atlanta area schools.  All grade levels. Atlanta By County - learn more about locales that interest you. Links to many Atlanta area builders web sites. We have no relationship with any builder and our new home rebate is not limited to, or by, this list. Be informed. Who represents you? Learn how to protect your own best interests. It's also the key to our 2% New Home Rebate. New concepts invite skepticism - there simply is no catch - this is the most straightforward home rebate available. Learn just how much you can save when you choose us as your Buyer Agent. Welcome to Hoffman International Properties.

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Our goal at Hoffman International Properties is to make sure the home buying process is a positive and rewarding experience for you.

Which is why we offer more…a 2% Rebate to the New Home buyer!

Buyers of new construction can take advantage of this unique opportunity
to save thousands of real dollars. No sliding scales that don't benefit you.
No long term obligation. No coupons to clip.   Simply no catch!

Over thirty years of experience is worth a lot…

…that's why I know there is a better way of doing business. Equity is the
key, and our ‘New Home’ Buyer's Rebate Program rewards you with a cash
back rebate when you choose Hoffman International Properties as
the Buyer Broker you place your trust in.

Listening carefully to the client and confident negotiating skills are the most important elements in assuring a successful outcome. We will provide guidance, see you through the contract process, address your concerns promptly, help smooth out any bumps along the way, and always treat you with the professionalism and attention to detail you deserve.

WE ARE NOT AN INTERNET COMPANY or part of an internet network. Hoffman
International is local and we will always be available to answer your questions.

Read on, visit often, and we look forward to smiles on both sides of the table when you close on your new dream home.

                                                       Welcome, from Today's Broker,


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Our service is at no cost to you.

Using a Buyer Agent WILL NOT increase the
price of your new home.

You may sometimes receive even more than
2% of the sales price.

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It was time for a change - so we made a BIG one with our 2% Home Rebate.

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